Using the word in CAPITALS make a new word to fit the context.

If next summer you’re looking for a more _________ holiday that’s     ENJOY

great value for money, forget about _________ beaches and                    CROWD

come to Alaska.

Alaska is a land of vast _________ splendour, abundant wildlife           NATURE

and because few people live there still completely _________.                SPOIL

You’ll find pure air, sparkling rivers,  _________ scenery and clear     SPECTACLE

unpolluted rivers. Its sense of _________ wilderness and promise       DISCOVER

of _________ is still as strong today as it was in the past.                          EXCITE

In _________ with other holiday destinations Alaska is uniquely          COMPARE

able to offer a sense of _________ and adventure. There are                    FREE

vast areas of _________  wilderness, and 5,000 glaciers, including           INHABIT

one the size of Switzerland