Choose the best word (A, B, C or D) below to complete each gap.

The (0)___ in North Wales is magnificent and so this area is very popular with tourists. Situated on a dramatic part of the rocky coastline is a village, (1)___ in Britain, called Portmeirion.  The dream of the architect Clough Williams-Ellis, its construction began in 1925 and he finally (2)___ in finishing the (3)___ in 1973.  The result is a copy of a small, and very beautiful, Italian village

As you wander down the (4)___ paths towards the village you can (5)___ the sea through the trees, and there is a marvellous (6)___ of the whole coastline from the top of the church tower.  (7)___ the houses, shops and restaurants, there is a luxury hotel, which seems, at (8)___ tide, almost to float on the water.

Most of the houses are (9)___ to visitors in the summer months, (10)___ a few people do live in Portmeirion all year (11)___ .  It is possible for (12)___ to visit the village for the day (13)___ payment of a small entrance (14)___ .  Late spring and early autumn are the best times to visit, (15)___ in the early morning when the only sound that can be heard is the splashing of the water in the fountains.

0       A    territory             B    scenery                C    setting                   D    land

  1. A single                        B    unique                   C    particular             D    only
  2. A succeeded               B    managed              C    resulted                 D    achieved
  3. A task                            B    attempt                 C    effort                     D    labour
  4. A curling                     B    winding                 C    rolling                   D    waving
  5. A glimpse                   B    glance                     C    look                        D    catch
  6. A display                     B    view                        C    sight                       D    outlook
  7. A As well                     B  More than.             C In addiction to.     D Apart
  8. A complete                 B    big                           C    maximum            D    high
  9. A charged                   B    paid                         C    let                            D    borrowed
  10. A although                 B    otherwise             C    even                        D    despite
  11. A by                               B    along                      C    round                    D    down
  12. A spectators              B    onlookers             C    observers             D    sightseers
  13. A in                               B    over                         C    from                      D    on
  14. A ticket                        B    fee                           C    fare                        D    subscription
  15. A particularly           B    exactly                  C    precisely              D    distinctly