Read the text below about Charles Dickens’ childhood and think of the word which best fits each space.  Use only one word in each space.  There is an example at the beginning (0). 

Example: (0) one


Charles Dickens was (0) ____one ____ of the greatest nineteenth-century English novelists. At the time of  (1) ________ death in 1870 he was a wealthy man, in contrast to the poverty of his early days.  His parents (2) ________ their best to look (3) ________ him but were always in difficulties (4) ________ money.  Eventually, his father owed (5) ________ a large amount of money that he was sent (6) ________ prison for three months.

Two days after his twelfth birthday, Dickens was taken away from school (7) ________ his parents and made (8) ________ work in a factory in London to increase the family income.

Factories could be dangerous places in (9) ________ days and some employers (10) ________ cruel.  Charles was not (11) ________ extremely unhappy, but also ashamed of working there, and he (12) ________ never forget that period of his life.  Years later, (13) ________ his novel ‘Oliver Twist’, Dickens described his own childhood experiences. Oliver Twist was one of his (14) ________ famous characters and he too suffered (15) ________ a child worker.

Dickens’ novels showed how shocking working and living conditions (16) ________. Working in the factory affected him so deeply that he found (17) ________ much too painful to speak about in later life.  His own wife and children knew (18) ________ at all about the unhappiness of his childhood while Dickens was still alive, (19) ________shortly after his death a biography was published in (20 ) ________ Dickens’ terrible childhood experiences in the factory were revealed for the first time.