Max Linder

Max Linder was a pioneer of all movie comedians. He first became involved in cinema after being hired by Charles Pathé in 1905. Pathé (1)__________ recognized his talent and Linder soon became world-famous. After a period of illness he (2)__________ to Hollywood where he made a number of classic movies (3)__________ « Seven Years Bad Luck » which is still (4)__________ for its hilarious mirror scene. Linder died tragically at the age of 42 but left (5)__________ him a genius for comedy which Charlie Chaplin was quick to imitate.

1 a) next b) once c) immediately d) obviously

2 a) moved b) ran c) entered d) transported

3 a) bringing b) including c) containing d) supporting

4 a) remembered b) realized c) reminded d) repeated

5 a) after b) subsequently c) behind d) over