Choose the best word each time to complete the passage.

For years, at the first sign of a temperature or a (0) _________ throat, most of us have rushed out to buy cold remedies and medicine. Yet it’s highly (1) _________ that we have been (2) _________ our time and money.

Most people know that (3) _________ remedies do not cure our flu or colds, but just help relieve the symptoms while our body fights (4) _________ the infection. But now there’s growing evidence that natural remedies and even (5) _________ everyday foods are thought to be just as (6) _________ as over the counter medicines, as well as (7) _________ gentler and safer to use.

The future may lie in natural remedies. (8) _________ to one researcher, Professor Ron Eccles herbal medicines and foods strengthen the body’s defences. ‘If you (9) _________ asked me eighteen months ago whether zinc was a good cold remedy I’d (10) _________ been sceptical. But now we know that zinc lozenges can be beneficial, and some treatments seen as ‘alternative’ could be tomorrow’s conventional medicines.

0. hard.  sick      sore     hot

  1. possible   likely    wrong   improbable
  2. wasting   losing  spending     getting
  3. the.   all     enough     such
  4. off   down   through   on
  5. the   some   these   any
  6. efficient   well     effective     fitting
  7. making    mending     being   having
  8. Speaking   Studying    Talking    According
  9. have   had      hadn’t  would
  10. have    may     rather  often