In 1823 during a game of football at Rugby School in England, William Webb Ellis picked (0) __________ the ball and ran with it towards his opponents’ goal line. And so the game of rugby (1) __________ born.

The story may or may not be true. Critics say that (2) __________ that involved running with a ball had existed centuries (3) __________. This is true. But it is (4) __________ true that the form of football as similar to rugby (5) __________ we know it today, did originate at Rugby School around Ellis’s time?

By the 1840s running with the ball (6) __________ become the norm, and in the 1870s rugby clubs existed all (7) __________ England and in the colonies. (8) __________ different clubs used different rules and a meeting was (9) in January 1871, attended by representatives of 22 clubs, to resolve (10) __________ situation. It was at this meeting that the Rugby Football Union was founded.

(0)          (a)           out          (b)           up                             (c)           at                               (d)          on

(1)          (a)           is              (b)           was                          (c)           has                            (d)           will

(2)          (a)           plays     (b)          amusements      (c)           recreations         (d)           games

(3)          (a)           sooner  (b)           previous               (c)          earlier                    (d)           back

(4)          (a)           even       (b)           therefore             (c)          also                          (d)           however

(5)          (a)           that        (b)           than                         (c)           as                               (d)          now

(6)          (a)           had         (b)           did                            (c)           has                            (d)          could

(7)          (a)           over       (b)           in                               (c)           by                              (d)           through

(8)          (a)           So            (b)           While                      (c)           But                            (d)           When

(9)          (a)           held        (b)           taken                      (c)           holding                                    (d)          made

(10)       (a)           that        (b)           their                        (c)           a                                 (d)          the