See how good your command of English vocabulary is.

1 Which word is an adjective?                  A book  B high  C slowly  D at  E read 

2 Which word(s) can go before all the words below?  A pass  B take  C fail  D have

an exam        lunch              a lesson        a shower

3 Fill the gap with one word from A-D. 

I opened the door and went ______   the garden.               A on B away C for D into 

4 What is the best answer?          What does your wife do?

A She is reading a book.    B I don’t know what she is doing.            C She is a doctor. 

5 Which one is not correct? 

  • A When I get up I make my bed.                             B I made a spelling mistake. 
  • C I want to make an appointment please.          D I have to make the cooking. 

6 Which sentence means: ‘I am Chinese’?

A I come to China.  B I come from China.         C I come into China. 

7 The answer is ‘Fifteen minutes.’  Choose the correct question. 

  • A How long does it take to get to the station?    B How long takes it to get to the station? 
  • C How many times to get to the station?

8 A, B or C?    ‘Come round to my house tomorrow and …..

(A) take your guitar with you.’ ( B) bring your guitar with you.’  C) carry your guitar with you.’

9 Here are some things people often do every day. Put them in order. 

A wake up     B come home           C go to bed    D make dinner        E go to work. 

10 Which sentence is correct? 

  • A How you tell ‘Hello’ in Japanese?        B He said me his name. 
  • C He said that he wanted a drink.           D Can you say me where the bus station is? 

11 What do you do on a bicycle?            A drive it   B mount it. C ride it.  D travel it

12 Find the best ending. She doesn’t like standing in line and ….

A neither do I.          B so do I.       C neither like I.         D so do me.

13 Which season is before the fall?        

A spring                     B winter         C summer     D autumn

14 Choose the best word to complete this sentence. 

Petra is well-off and doesn’t like cooking so she _______ goes to restaurants. 

A hardly ever            B often           C rarely          D never 

15 Which one of the verbs below cannot be used to complete the sentence? 

‘I have _____ it.’       A bought       B begun         C cut    D chose         E forgotten 

16 Find the best word to add to this group of words. sugar traffic news weather travel

A apples        B software     C shoes         D laws           

17 Here are some adjectives to describe people. Which ones are negative? 

A nice            B selfish        C kind            D notorious   E mean          

18 Which one of the verbs below is not usually followed by ‘for’? 

A ask    B belong        C wait            D pay  

19 Read these sentences: What does ‘mis-‘ mean when it is at the beginning of a word?

  1.  I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed.
  2. Some people are very mistrustful of computerised banking. 
  3. Don’t misunderstand me. She’s a very nice person when you get to know her.

20 Which of these weather adjectives does not exist?

A rainy                       B sunny         C frosty          D coldy          E windy

21 A or B?      The passport officer ….

(A) controlled my passport at the airport.           (B) checked my passport at the airport. 

22 What is the word for your brother or sister’s daughter? 

A cousin        B aunt            C nephew     D niece 

23 Which of these things can you see on your face? 

A lips              B toe   C nose         D knee           E eyes           F shoulders    G wrinkles

24 Find two things we wear on our hands. 

A ring    B socks         C jumper       D jacket         E gloves        F dress 

25 Here are three short descriptions of people’s faces. Which one must be a man? 

  • A has blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. 
  • B has dark skin, brown eyes, and beard.
  • C has short, red curly hair and quite fair skin. 

26 Match the problems on the left with the best words on the right. 

Problem                                              Answer

1 ‘I’ve got a sore throat.’                B Go to bed with a hot drink.

2 ‘I’ve got toothache.’                     A Eat a sweet and drink milk with honey.

3 ‘I’ve got a headache.’                  C Try to relax; don’t think about it.

4 ‘I’m worried.’                                 D Go to the dentist

27 Paul has not eaten any food for three days. How does he feel? 

A stiff              B cold            C hot              D surprised    E famished    F thirsty 

28 What do you say when someone passes an exam? 

A Good luck!            B Well done!            C You took your exam!      D Such a pity!

29 Which person works in a jail? 

A a librarian             B an executive         C a warden               D a cashier 

30 Which word is a building?        A a field         B a wood       C a skyscraper         D an oak

31 Which animal could be a pet in a house? 

A a goat                    B a whale      C a sheep     D a snake      E a horse 

32 What does this mean? ‘You have to change trains in London.‘ 

  • A This train is on time.                   B You cannot travel on only one train. 
  • C You can get a faster train.         D You don’t need a connection.

33 What does this sign mean?     OUT OF ORDER  

A go out this way     B closed        C this is not working           D police area 

34 Which of these are fruit? 

A blackcurrant          B garlic         C cabbage    D sprouts      E plum           F peas 

35 Which of these do we usually put on the table at dinner time? 

A frying pan    B plate         C tea towel    D fork                 E wastebin     F knife 

36 What can you find in the bathroom? 

A a wardrobe           B a basin       C a chest of drawers          D a shower    E soap 

37 What do we sit on in the living room? 

A the coffee table    B the bookshelf       C the couch              D the rug 

38 Choose the odd one out from this list of words connected with cars: 

A clutch         B hatchback             C brake          D  horn           E steering wheel 

39 Which one of these words can only describe hair? 

A curly           B strong         C tarnished               D resistant

40 If someone says to you, « I will arrive at six-ish » what do they mean? 

A I will arrive exactly at six,           B I shall be late.       C I will arrive at around six. 

41 Which person works outside sometimes? 

A a foreman              B a lawyer     C a hairdresser        D a secretary 

42 What can you use on paper? 

A a drawing pin        B a screen    C a pencil      D a saw         E a rubber 

43  What does ‘throughout’ mean here?   Throughout the interview, the candidate stared at the floor

A from the beginning to the end               B occasionally          C regularly 

44 Which one of these expressions is the odd one out? 

A poles apart    B like two peas in a pod    C a huge discrepancy  D a world of difference 

45 Do these sentences mean (A) the same thing, or (B) different things? 

  • Apart from having a salary, he also has a private income. 
  • Besides having a salary, he also has a private income.