Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space -A, B, C or D

The Australian Desert

Most of the central part of Australia is a desert. It is (0) more than 1500 kilometres across. As the (1) __________ is so dry, bush fires are common, but the seeds of many of the plants are not damaged by these fires. (2) __________ of the plants will not start to grow unless fire has passed over (3) __________.The animals of the Australian desert are very interesting (4) __________ they are found nowhere else in the world.

Before Europeans (5) __________ to Australia, the country’s original inhabitants (6) __________ in the desert. They knew all about the animals and plants and where to (7) __________ water.

Many people today work on farms or in towns which (8) __________ built when gold was (9) __________ in the desert. These towns have to get their water from the city of Perth, over 500 kilometres (10) __________ .

0         A         more               B         above              C         over                D         further

1          A         climate            B         time                 C         temperature    D         season

2          A         Some              B         Any                 C         Much               D         Such

3          A         it                      B         them                C         their                D         itself

4          A         instead            B         until                 C         during             D         because

5          A         went                B         departed         C         changed          D         passed

6          A         came               B         left                   C         lived                D         stood

7          A         search             B         look                 C         find                  D         meet

8          A         are                  B         was                 C         is                     D         were

9          A         invented          B         discovered      C         intended          D         disappeared

10        A         along               B         among            C         away               D         far